Zadig & Voltaire. Pony turtle neck merino sweater

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At De Nimes we are very happy to introduce Zadig & Voltaire to our collection. We love it.  Zadig & Voltaire adds a little diversity to our collection of quality timeless basics and makes our collection complete. This small, specially chosen collection combines perfectly with the rest of our collection when layered with our basics, offers a little bit of zaz!

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Zadig & Voltaire. Pony turtle neck merino sweater

Zadig & Voltaire high neck sweater, loose fit, low arm holes, rounded back, 100% merino wool. Soft and silky, Merino wool is three times finer than traditional wool. Both warm and breathable, stretchy and resistant, its many qualities mean it is an exceptional wool.


  • 100% merino wool

CARE: Hand wash only

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